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pets... completely random.


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it's 10.27 according to my mac, but I've been up for 3 hours. Why?

Well, at this time every day, Lucy the cat decides to open my door (!!!) and lick my pillow until I move to get her food!!

Anybody got any more annoying pets? Or sisters/brothers/wives/daughters/sons etc that are more annoying than that?!

P.S she's staring at me right now, I think she's planning revenge for me doing this...



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This is Tom, he's suppose to be a Jack Russell but as he's grown up he now just looks like a rat with long legs.
He barks at anything especially shadows and refracted light. He loves toast in the morning, especially when it belongs to someone else.

He lives with Millie the cat, the most unfriendly, unnafectionate moggie in the world. She rules Tom




Ahh you see Cats are secretly taking over the world... LOL

I know my old cat was planning to kill people... he was an evil cat when he wanted to be... and with the fact that he was a fat cat, he could make your legs go dead very quickly if he slept on your lap... all part of his master plan i'm sure!!


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chrismitchell said:
You know if cats had opposable thumbs we'd all be dead by now..
Agreed! My nan's cat likes to sleep in one place, and if she moves him/her/the monster, it starts scratching her feet to pieces! She has to hold the cat by the scruff of the neck until it calms down!!



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My cats. Yoshimitsu on the left, Spoon on the right. Yoshi is a fatty... Spoon has a pink tummy due to pulling all her fur out! (she's allergic to dust....)


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allergic to dust?!?! but that's everywhere and anywhere?!!

but they are cool! i like the fat one... Yoshi is an awesome name!


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I was in the local post office once and the resident cat was asleep, right on the counter in front of the glass... so we all had to use a nearby table and pass our post around the corner.