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persuing a career in graphic design - help !

Hi everyone, hope you are all well...

Just need some help and hoped someone out there could give me some advice.

I currently work in deign. I do all the graphics for a retail website, photography for the site and cut it all out and put it on the web. I create flyers that are posted out to customers and posters for a store. I also design email campaigns that go out.

I now have about 5 years experience in this field but I never did graphic design as a degree.

I am wanting to move on and realy get into graphic design in advertising, which is very similar to what I do now. However, I have very little experience in setting up for print. I have designed all flyers and posters using InDesign but never had to set up using bleeds etc as they were just printed off using a high quality commercial printer.

Does anyone think I could still do it and what sort of level would I expect to go in at?

I have been offered to stay on at the same company where they will give me experience in print but still wondering whether to move on or is this a good opportunity and not to be passed up?

Also, I am in the process of making my portfolio but unsure if it is going in the right direction. Anywhere out there that displays really good design portfolios that can be sent to job opportunities etc...

Please help!!!



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let's see what your portfolio is like because it seems you are not so sure about yourself and what you do but you have 5 years experience which is very good. If your job pays you decently then take the offer and still improve your skills along with your job.
Obviously having a graphic design degree, many people think is an advantage to gaining a posistion in an agency / design studio. If your creative enough, you portfolio is the key to gaining employment anywhere... so concentrate on that

As for learning the print side. It's not rocket science.... take time out to understand the real concepts of good design for print there's pleanty of resources online

Print versus Web - Graphic Design for Print Versus the Web
cheers guys ...

I think one of the problems is that in my current role I do so many different things, from getting product shot, retouched and onto the website to creating and designing flyers and posters, along with designing email campaigns and helping to design a new website.

The problem is that i don't completely specialise in one area. Is it best to pick a definitive direction and try to become an expert in that area?

I would like to take this opportunity at work but the pay is one thing that is holding me back ...

I think i could earn a lot more else where but unsure if my experience would hold me back.

I am trying to read up on the print process to better my knowledge. Will have a look at that website so cheers.

Shall i really concentrate on making a fantastic portfolio?

Do you guys think that my 5 years experience will out weigh the fact I don't have a graphic design degree?
Also guys,

just wondering...

as i have worked in both web and a bit in print ( but by far mostly web ) i was wondering which area had most career earning prospects?

Do i have more potential to eventually earn more being in print, magazine, advertising or if i stay in web, with logos, banner designs, front end website designs?

I have seen creative director roles mentioned a lot...

how would you go about carving a career out to persue this?


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Sounds like you've gt a lot of things buzzing through your thoughts. Unfortunately a lot of the answers to your questions can't be provided by anyone else but you. Like all of the good problems in life.

Ultimately you have to decide what to do with your life and career. And to do that you first of all need to figure out what it is you want out of a career in design.
You talk about career paths and earning potential which is an odd place to start in my opinion.

I guess I just have a different approach to it all. I've always figured out what to do next by thinking about what would make me happiest. In my own humble experience I think it's the wrong sort of career if all you want out of it is a big pile of money.

However, this is the easiest question in the world to answer:

"Shall i really concentrate on making a fantastic portfolio?"

YES!!!! Because without any proof of your talent/skill nobody in their right mind is going to hire you!