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Personal Logo for Critique


New Member
Hi Guys,

I am currently trying to develop my logo and personal branding assets.

Bellow find attached one version of my logo. I would like to get your opinion on this.

Untitled-1.jpg logo_preview.jpg

Thanks in advance.


Well-Known Member
What does it say?!

Seriously, it's not very legible. Design-wise, to me it looks like a designer clothes label or something for hair products.


New Member
It says "Silviu" which is my first name. I chose the script style to give it a retro feel and to match my personality. A while ago I found few resources stating that a script/signature logo will connect better with the audience, I tried to incorporate that as well.

Thanks for the comment.


Well-Known Member
Maybe you can adapt it to make it more legible. At the moment it looks like Silvu with a dot over it. Not keen on the 'v' either, it's almost an 'o'.

Either way, it doesn't say graphic designer to me.

Paul Murray

Staff member
I now know what it says but still can't figure out the mark. Might be time to try another option, though you might be surprised to find you don't need a 'personal logo'. I've managed alright without one for over 4 years. :icon_biggrin:
Self-branding is always difficult to perfect.

You could perhaps experiment with alternative script fonts. Just remember branding is also about 'clarity'.