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Personal Identity

Hi there folks!

I really need to sort a Logo for myself. But it is the hardest thing EVER.

I'm still not sure what to call my self and am stuck for Ideas. So far I have put this together. It kinda happened by accident and is a complete 1st go but what do you think of the name and direction?

Bit pridictable?

Cheers in Advance...
I don't mind it but I am not a fan of "design" being centralised - but that's just me. Keep trying differemt things, get a pad of paper and scribble.

..... and you'd best not be using Photoshop for your logo :icon_tongue_smilie:


Staff member
Are all 4 boxes one logo or are these variations on one design? Only ask as they're not aligned.

Whilst I'm on 'alignment' thing. The word DESIGN doesn't quite line up to anything.... Not sure if that matters or not.