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Personal Identity/Business Card Critique

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the site and I'm just looking for some feedback about a personal identity card that I was advised to create to offer a 'graphic design' service to family, friends, and anybody else who needs a small job done!

Here are the cards, with the left design being the front and the right design being the reverse.

Like the style in general, looks fresh and vibrant. The RH needs some work though; the ray burst effect draws one's eye to... nothing. Use it to focus on the important details.

Speaking of which I'm not a fan of the scripty text in the bottom LH corner. Needs to be bolder at least.
Same meat, different gravy in my opinion! The few people I've advertised my 'service' to have understood that what 'I do' is the same as what 'I offer'. Thanks for the advice anyway, I shall now start referring to tasks as 'What I do' :)


Staff member
I don't like either of the bottom font's if I'm honest, they're also too close to the bottom, think about them being cut off.

I've got issues with using a live.com account rather than a web address, which would be useful to show your skills too

Now the kicker, I can see what you're trying to do with the idea but when you shrink the images to roughly the size of a business card the clarity of the text suffers. I'd also say the card is forgetable if I'm honest
Also, the live.com address is temporary, as I have no web address yet so until I've established an online portfolio, I won't actually be printing the cards yet!
Disregarding this whole project, I was also thinking of coming up with a 'Corporate Identity' -esque project for myself, a brand name etc. I think this would be much more effective in giving me something to base my creations around and help me to produce better work, what are your opinions? :)


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in my view that would probably help if sort out a brand, whether it be your name or a company name as this will give you a style that you can apply to all your media, ie web, letterheads, business cards etc
Thanks for the tips, I was thinking 'Mirage Media' or something along the 'Mirage' Line , with a business card depicting a black background, The business title, with a reflection beneath fading to the background and a water ripple elsewhere on the page, I shall be designing a mock up in the next 24 hours if you want to have a look!


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First post: So I'll be gentle.... throw it in the bin it's crap.
1. it's unreadable type so it fails the first objective of basic communication - may as well put Hindu up there.
2. The colour clash will give most people a migraine
3. If you're going to say creative and graphic services then be creative.
4. A business card is communicates a message of a brands intentions, it relays information to be used at a later date. It also leaves an impression about whether to do business.
5. No printer in the world can hope to cut cards with the type so close to the edge.
6. You can say everything on one side of the card.
7. Think about handing that card to a businessman. Will he take you serious? Will he laugh? Will he put it in his pocket. Will he put in in the bin. Will he ring you at 9.00 the next day. Does it say everything about you and your brand in a small space. Will you get business on the strength of the design. Will he give you his business on the spot. That's what a business card should do or provoke. That is branding.

Please go back and relook your design strategy with these points in mind. Make your business card sell yourself.
well thats abit of a shocker! thanks for the tips though, I'd rather you be honest and harsh than gentle.
Have you got a link to your own business card that I can have a look at please?

PS. It's binned!