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Permanent Role - design for a food company

Natco Foods is recruiting a permanent part-time role in Buckingham for a designer experienced in packaging design, preferably flexible food packaging. We are looking for 2 days a week starting at £17 p/h.

Take a look at our website - www.natcofoods.com

Please get in touch for more info!



Staff member
It's a part-time role - days a week and it's 'starting at'.

You're looking at £272 minimum for 2 days work...

Might suit some people.


Well-Known Member
All depends on the designer in questions experience. Packaging design is far more involved than people may think, their are certain 'rules' and guidelines that you need to know and abide by in order for the product to be passed and make it onto shelves. An experienced packaging designer would expect to get around £272 for a days work. But again, it all depends how much experience is needed for the role in question.