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PDF in InDesign?


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Hello Everyone,

I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but is it possible to open / import a PDF into InDesign, in the way in which it can be edited?

Basically, I have a PDF booklet which I need to use the same layout of the images, text columns etc, and I was wondering whether I can use the PDF as a template, rather than recreating it from scratch?

It wouldn't be a problem to re-create it's layout myself, but I was just curious if I could use the existing PDF in anyway to save time.

At it stands, when I place the PDF in InDesign, it only imports an image of the front cover, I can't seem to access the other pages in the booklet.

To add different pages just make sure 'show import options' is ticked. You can then choose any page. This is also useful for selecting layers of a photoshop doc or artboards of an illustrator file when importing

As for importing the data it would probably best to set up paragraph styles and then apply those to the imported text. Not sure if there is a way to import and maintain the layout


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That script looks super handy thanks!

I can place the whole PDF in InDesign and use each page as a template to recreate the entire layout.