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Paranormal Activity


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Watched it last week. Made me jumpy for days and felt pathetic for it because it's only a crappy film!

Not much of a horror fan and I don't usually go in for it, but my fiancee would insist!

Didn't think much of it as a film, but admired the mechanics of how it made me jump.
I've refused to watch this. I've watched films like Irreversible, which although aren't nice they haven't messed with my sleep. Which is what I feel this film would do.

I think the second will be out for Halloween.
Yeah I watched it twice and I thought I'd be fine the second time but I got just as scared :D.

Scariest and most intense movie I've ever seen. The only movie that got under my skin like that was The Exorcism of Emily Rose. :)
Agreed guys, really messes with ya sleep haha! I live in a large house on my own and watched it at night...on my own, was brickin it for all of last week. It's a clever put together film. It's so strange when she wakes up and just stares at him for hours...really creepy.....bet the sound effects in the cinema was awesome for this! shame i never saw it at the cinema
glenwheeler said:
I live in a large house on my own and watched it at night...on my own
I'm brickin' it just thinking about that. I watched it with the missus and I couldn't even deal with that. And I live in a small flat in London! Haha..:eek:


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Watched it twice. The first time at like 2am; nearly pissed myself :p
Wasn't impressed the second time though.

Apparently there's multiple endings and they say one of them is much scarier than the other one(s). But I saw a/the boring ending :(

It was a very low budget film by the way; only like $30,000 iirc. And they've already announced a sequel.