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Paper help please!

Dear all.
I am in the middle of designing a product, and I have come up against an issue that I would appreciate a little help solving.

I know plenty about business, but very little about paper. I need to find a type/weight/brand of paper that is able to be bent to quite an acute angle, but does not easily crease and when returning to flat shows no sign of having been bent. Obviously there are limits to how feasible this is, but I would like the best I can get (i.e the paper that is going to allow the most acute angle of bending). Logic (rightly or wrongly) tells me that I would benefit from paper with a waxy/plastic finish, but I am also after a 'paper' that is relatively aesthetically pleasing so on balance would want to avoid it being too shiny (i.e I want it to appear to be paper!).

I hope this makes sense(?). I don't have a clue how to approach this problem aside from walking into an art shop and having a play around with their stock. Any constructive opinion or pointers I would be very grateful for!

Thank you in advance
Not aware of any paper product but personally I would look down the plastic route. You can get printable plastic sheets but even then not sure if it wont crease


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Some paper suppliers would probably send you a sample book if you asked nicely. Then you can have a play without getting thrown out of a shop!