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Palm pre! Anybody here used it yet?


Senior Member
It looks so cool and i like the look of the keypad with the touchscreen. It looks more like a phone than iphone which looks just like an mp3 player.:p


Staff member
well as much as I want to support palm, I'm a little concerned as there doesn't seem to be a lot of uptake on the apps front.

Having said that I may buy a palm pixi at some point if it ever gets released in the uk, although I'm looking at the motorola droid/milestone (same phone different parts of world) as my next phone unless htc bring out a new touch diamond with a tegra cpu :)


Senior Member
it's made by the people who made the iphone, and i gotta say it's pretty nice.

the UI is great, but the feel of it (and the keypad) sucks, and at the moment it's like the 1st gen iphone. it can download apps but it's nowhere near as advanced as it could be.

it's the future iphone.