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Paid *looking for brand designer*paid

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by Phil Woodward, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Phil Woodward

    Phil Woodward New Member


    Looking for a brand designer with a vision that links up well with the entertainment genre to help re brand our current set up ready for 2016.

    Who are we?

    Close 2 Immortality is a new publishing entity that we feel is slightly different from the norm. We are a collective of creative minds based in the UK that together formed a brand that allows us freedom to explore the vivid space that spans across the full spectrum of transmedia.

    A lifelong ambition for me and the team, who all share the same drive to do something they can be proud of. Our vision looks beyond the current model to a future of possibilities. From comics to books, animation to films and music to venues we develop stuff that we enjoy and believe others will enjoy as well.

    A storytelling think tank in the form of an Imaginarium

    We currently have in total 7 graphic novels including the Latest horror title Post Mortem

    We have many more in development for release in 2016.

    What do we need?

    We need a dedicated brand designer that can create a logo for our publishing house Close 2 Immortality.
    Our current logo needs a facelift as we enter 2016 where we aim to re-launch in February at London Super Comicon

    The logo will be used as the symbol on all our products and promotional campaigns and interactive media.

    We are in need of someone that is committed to quality and professionalism.

    More details about the style will be given to those interested in this project.

    Current Design

    facebook icon.jpg

    Our current design is based around the name and the meaning with the shape spelling out C 2 I in a connected form. Around this is a stylish ouroboros serpent that is used as a type of mascot. It looks great but we need something that can really pop and give us that refresh.

    We need a better print ready logo to move forward below are the current images

    Applying For Work

    Before we confirm with a designer that we want to go ahead with them we do ask that interested parties to follow the following guidelines.
    Applying - when applying bear in mind others may have also applied and we will do our best to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. Include portfolios if you have them to give us an idea of previous work and your rate of pay.

    Replying - We cannot say yes to everyone and it would be unfair to tag people along while we choose a designer. We will be direct in our correspondence and will do our upmost to make sure you get a reply either way.

    Choosing – We may have more than one designer that really appeals to us and with that in mind we don’t want to play Russian roulette. We instead ask that applicants send us a sketch design of how they see the logo which can be as basic as needed and/or as many as needed. For protection feel free to add a watermark or ask us sign an NDA.

    Once we see something that fits our vision we will notify the successful applicant and begin the project.
    The deadline for applying will be end of October and the deadline for needing this logo will be end of November to allow us time to get promotional material ready

    We look forward to speaking with you. .

    What do you get?

    Payment will be split in two. We send part payment before and rest of payment on completion of project. Costs will be discussed with applicants and we operate paypal for payments where we also take the charge for sending payment to ensure you get the complete payment

    Thank you for your time

    We are available for skype meetings and various other forms of communication. We are also more efficient at response through email and can be contacted at .

    This project is the main need but we will have other work available in the form of website logo designs, book title designs and product logo designs.
  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Phil,

    I've approved your post, hopefully you will get some interest. I was interested myself but the following (possible) request for a sketch, puts me off instantly as I wouldn't personally start sketching until we both have a clear, solid understanding of the brief.

    Speaking as a professional I'd only send ideas after a deposit has been taken to ensure the client is invested in the project and I know I'll be compensated for my time. There's nothing to stop an unscrupulous client taking the idea I've presented as a sketch and having it worked up on the cheap and paying me nothing. If I know I've definitely been awarded the work, then I'm also more inclined to put the required effort into it. But if a client's still looking around for a designer and wants me to just suggest some ideas to see if I'm 'right', then there's really no incentive and I'll likely back off and focus on other clients.

    Ideally you should be working closely with a designer who's portfolio of work you like. Asking them to present a sketch at the start of the project is somewhat counter-productive as they won't have a thorough enough understanding of your needs, you'll likely get very quick, obvious ideas rather than thought out ones, and you're less likely to be presented with something unique.

    You may get a fair few designers still offering ideas and sketches, but I'd suggest that a more professional or more experienced designer likely won't. Just something to keep in mind.
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