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Pacman Moleskine!

While I was doing some research about pacman relating to my minor project in uni I came across these moleskines!

How cool are they!?

I also treated myself to both of the helvetica moleskines! I am really tempted to get a pacman one too!

Does anyone else have a slight obsession with funky notebooks/sketchbooks? I have a massive mound of them that I dont want to use :S haha!


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I just get GoldLine note pads from the Cardiff Uni IT shop, really good 150gsm blank paper, spiral bound along the side so can go flat on both sides, hardback and only about £3.50-£4 for a pad...

Can't justify a moleskine when I like these so much :)
Lmao! But there is nothing like a good quality notebook! I feel more productive and inspired with a good trusty solid notebook lol!

I spent ages looking for an a4 spiral bound one for all my dissertation notes - and I will take about a week to find the sketchbook I want to use for a project too :/ haha.


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Oo I defnitely agree, but the goldline ones are great quality :) not sure they are sold online anywhere (other than suppliers) though
See this is my problem with the helvetica ones - use them both, keep them both, use one not the other, buy another 2 to keep. So many decisions!

I would probably use the pacman one, they do look uber cool! They also have peanuts ones to celebrate 60th anniversay



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Oh my, now I want that peanuts one :)
I definitely couldn't use them. Maybe could put photos in them and turn it into an album but that's about it


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Typo said:
I just don't see the point of 'Moleskins'

..other than to keep ickle moles warm of course.

Notebooks are for notes and as such are disposable. Having an expensive one with a nice cover would make me not even want to spoil it by using it!
toppo Jimlad...well done on your 1000 posts young man.

I'll buy you a 49p la-dee-da note book.

Tesco here I come. Nice.

How much are those Moleskins then...?