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Outsourcing web development...

I was wondering if anyone else outsources their initial design for development (XHTML/CSS). Lately I've found myself sending off my PSD's to be developed by one of the many slicing services popping up everywhere.

I've done this for a couple of reasons. In the past, my role has required me to strictly design, and the development task was always placed on a developer. So, over time I've fallen a bit behind with my development skills. I'm not too bad with coding myself, but time-wise, it's much easier for me to outsource my work.

I enjoy reviewing the developed site that is sent back to me (somewhat of a learning-aid), and have no problems working with the code at the point, it's just the initial templating that I find frustrating. My goal is to be able to efficiently develop my own designs (time-permitting), but I am curious to find out whether other people use these PSD to XHTML services, and what opinions they have of them?

Some of the ones I've used have included:

- W3 Markup
- PSD Gator
- HTML Blender
That's what I do too. I don't mind CSS'ing, but someone else does a quicker job than me. Time/money-wise it was better for me to outsource. I do this to someone I know, rather than use an anonymous slice 'n dice service..


Senior Member
Personally I haven't, don't and won't use them; I have learned so much from doing it myself, that I find it quite a quick task, and therefore would feel it would slow things down somewhat, by sending it off; plus there's the chance of the extra charge also.

They are obviously handy for alot of people, else they wouldn't by cropping up everywhere, but one would hope the person doing it was extremely up to date and good at their job, to ensure an accurate conversion.