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Out of the Field

I've been out if the graphic design field for 5 years. Getting ready to go back but I need some advice as to where to start. What do I tell potential employers or any potential freelance clients. There is a 5 year gap in my résumé.
Hi, if you don't mind me asking, what were you doing? Most positions will have useful transferable skills that you will be able to use to your advantage. managing multi projects, dealing with customers face to face, being responsible for people blagh blagh blagh...


Staff member
I had a 6 year gap while I worked doing alsorts, mainly as a land surveyor and a bit of travelling.
Doesn't really matter if you're going freelance as you're judged on what you can do rather than where you've worked.
If going into work, build a portfolio and maybe like me you'll have to get on the ladder an a lower rung than before but after a year of working as a designer/artworker in a print shop I was working as a designer/illustrator for a big gifts and greetings company.
I still have my time working in another field on my CV and I haven't found a disadvantage.

Sean Lee-Amies

Yeah if you want us to give you the best advice we're going to need to know exactly what you were doing. You might think what you were doing is completely unrelated but as Balders points out, this might not be the case.
If it truly is irrelevant to the situation, then unfortunately you will probably have to start again, unless you have retained some business relationships from your previous working stint? It might also be worth taking an objective look at your own work to see whether you're skills and knowledge are modern enough to cut it in what is an increasingly competitive market. Feel free to post some up here for critique.