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Out of the box


Senior Member
Watched a video yesterday off of from the couch about thinking out of the box and using outside inspiration.
How we shouldn't browse through css galeries to find inspiration as that wont get us anywhere and everyone will spout off the same old "great" stuff.

Looking outside to gain inspiration - From The Couch | CSS Videos | Video Tutorials | Video Interviews

I currently (and for a while yet) dont have anything released in the form of a usable website but should I be looking to 'spout off the same old "great" stuff' (as I put it)
Or should I be looking to develop new interesting methods of doing things, looking else where and creating rather than essentially using other peoples ideas with my own take on them.

I think it would be difficult to get good criticism for something new and innovative, designers (no offence) seem scared of new things, and very rarely do I see some of the best of you showing off something new.

Whats your opinions on this, new and inspired, or old and reworked?

I think it all depends on the project you're working on. Many times I'll get a brief from a client where they list a few sites that they like the look of, so most of the time I'll find inspiration from those sites or in galleries etc and then put my own spin on things. Then you have brand guidelines etc. So you're always restricted in some way. Plus you have a deadline to meet, so trying to reinvent the wheel is maybe not the best idea under those circumstances.

If it's a personal project I think you should just go nuts and push yourself. I do so from time to time cause I love the freedom of only having to please myself. And I often look for inspiration elsewhere. Travelling to different cultures, nature, walking around town, posters, movies, graffiti, street art are all great sources of inspiration for me.

Some people argue that nothing is original and everything is stolen from somewhere else and I tend to agree. For me Inspiration comes from images stored in my subconscience so I think everything I do originates from something else. Very few designers are able to create something truly groundbreaking and 100% original I think. However I do believe that a lot of designers have their own unique style and sometimes you can tell who made a certain design piece from the style alone.

I'll stop babbling now. :)