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Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by tim, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. tim

    tim Senior Member

    I know I know, another bloody thread. But I'm curious... again (not sexually, thanks).

    Since Berry's post to me on the thread that got deleted, about going out and getting smashed, I've been wondering. As soon as he said "1. Go out and get drunk. Loads." everyone agreed, and was praising the few words typed within a couple of minutes!

    So... what's the worst thing you've done whilst pissed?

    For example, last week, my uncle's mother-in-law was staying at his house when he got pissed. He came back and decided he needed the toilet, and pissed all over her, then got into bed with her, butt-naked. LOL
  2. I can't remember any in particular fortunately... but i did do a set of radio shows completely drunk out of my mind... LOL they were funny.. (as i still have them on minidisc)
  3. tim

    tim Senior Member

    niice! you should post em sometime ! :D
  4. not a chance in hell... LOL

    fortunately i didn't drink when i was on Radio 1 or Southern Counties LOL
  5. tim

    tim Senior Member

    you did radio shows? i only just cottoned on, lol :D
  6. berry

    berry Active Member

    Well I came home drunk one night after a gig and decided that my rare '61 Telecaster was the wrong colour and should be green, so I stripped it down, nitromorse and sanded it, then as i had no green wood dye I boiled up some peas, mushed them to paste and stained my guitar with it!
    Overnight I turned my £10,000 vintage guitar into a worthless pile of mushy peas. I got it redone at the cost of just under a £1000. then sold it for £2,000 so I lost £9k thru 6 pints of lager!
  7. tim

    tim Senior Member

    Haha!! Lol! I'd have love to see that happen!
  8. damn Berry.. thats harsh.. my dad would've fainted if he'd done that to any of his guitars LOL
  9. Yeah did Radio part time for about 6 years ish...

    then chucked it in... would love to get back in to it .. but its a bit too cut throat now :down:
  10. tim

    tim Senior Member

    Gutted. I hate the radio. iTunes is here for me.

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