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[OSX] time management/tracking software for freelance

Taking the plunge from next week and already have some work come in :)

What software, if any are people using to track the time spent on jobs etc... scheduling etc...


Senior Member
i had one tagged... called Less Time Spent. Only a web app which annoyed me but was brilliantly organised and easy to use.


Senior Member
yeah i still use less time spent, it's well good IMO, but i know there's also a great deal of competition for that market, so anything could be better. just went with the first decent one.
Cool. That makes sense. I'll give it a go. I'd prefer something non web based as there is always the risk I'd start looking at something other than what I should as the browser is open. :lol:

No self control haha.


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Yeah lol I totally agree! Luckily for me the only times I've recorded my hours per week was when everything's uploading, so have time to muck around on the web.
I reckon I'll give it a go. £44 isn't too much for a program to make sure things are properly done.

I'm actually negotiating 2 projects at the mo so will be good to trial whilst I have some time if I mess it up haha.