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Options and tactics to protect the design of a product


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The company I work for has designed a product over 2 years that uses several electronic components including integrated circuit chips. Apart from patents what other options and tactics are there to protect the product from being copied?

One tactic I thought of is to ask the chip manufacturing company to use custom chip numbers for the chips that we use in the product. This would make it harder and more time consuming to copy the product. Is this tactic common in industry? If so are there any examples of companies doing this?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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ccdltd said:
If so are there any examples of companies doing this?
Apple did with it's A4 cpu, it was found out to be the same hummingbird cpu that samsung used and actually manufactured for Apple.

Soon got found out though, if someone want's to copy a design that badly it doesn't matter what you do.

Patent's are only good in the country they're applied for in, places like china pretty much ignore western patents (look at all the cloned products out there) and in some cases, the patents get thrown out if you take someone to court over it, especially if they can show 'prior art'


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Thanks for the example Levi. I suppose Apple products are so popular that there is a big incentive to reverse engineer them.