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Opinions Welcome | Website Critique


Staff member
First impressions... my god this is taking ages to load.... if it wasn't for me wanting to give feedback I'd have left your site. It's not just your homepage that has this issue either so maybe look into using some sort of 'load on scroll' effects, refinement of the code or reduce the size/improve host speeds so that you can actually get your page up faster because as it stands now you'll likely get more people going elsewhere than waiting.

The site as a whole looks ok but at the same time kind of feels like a template

Home page has a black menu bar when you scroll, the rest is white
the cd on the homepage has no link but it has a hover effect so it seems like it does

Some pages have a 'hamburger menu' on the left hand side of the menu that doesn't do anything

About page - I don't personally like the 'straight cut' on your body, I'd have probably done a fade there instead so it's not quite so harsh.

Portfolio page - I'm not quite sure this fits with the other pages when it comes to the design concept, seems off somewhere. Also want to just click the big box rather than the magnifying glass to get the pop up and was surprised when it was just an image, I was expecting a 'page per project' if I'm honest.

Contact page and 'drop down' - the drop down makes your contact page seem rather empty and bland, you could incorporate some of the contact us hover drop on the contact page imo.