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Opinions on text logos.

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by FlawlessDesigns, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. FlawlessDesigns

    FlawlessDesigns New Member

    Hey guys I started Graphic Design about a month ago, so I am still quite inexperienced. I would like to hear your guys thoughts and impressions on my new [site name removed] logo gig I started up. At the moment I am doing text only logos because I do not think I can make high quality logos with a picture. Thanks! :)

    moderator note: 30th Sept 2014 I have removed the link due to no activity on the forum since original post. I also don't approve of any site that devalues the skill and training of designers so I've removed the site reference too.
  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    harsh mode on... and this is what devalues the effort and training that most of us have gone through to get to where we are... $5 for 24 HOURS work....thats about 10 PENCE an hour...

    Just so you know, most of the design community absolutely detest 'crowdsourcing' sites like <<removed>>.

    harsh mode off

    Honestly... your text logo looks like a beginners approach to 'logo design'.... you get given name, you pick a font or fonts that you think work together and then supply image, completely ignoring kerning/spacing and doesn't include any instructions on how to use it correctly in relation to the clients brand. And lets not forget the actual license to use the font.... not all fonts are free. Also a true typographical logo doesn't have all the 3D effects added.

    You should also be supplying more than just jpeg/png.

    In regards to the single logo you have on show... it's one logo, you've picked two fonts which don't work together (in my opinion) and then applied a few 'effects' from photoshop along with a different background.
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  3. Hi Flawless Designs (an odd, and slightly pretentious, name to choose considering you have only been going a month ;)).

    Welcome to the wonderful world of design :) Well, I've seen worse to be fair. The logo itself is rather off balance and the use of what looks to be photoshop filters only serves to lessen the effectiveness of the work. There are also issues in regards to scalability; using it at smaller sizes renders the tag line almost unreadable: and so you're going to run into issues when displaying it, for example, on a website.

    Nice one for jumping in at the deep end, but you've got plenty to learn :) Have you been looking out for tutorials and what not? I would suggest spending the majority of you time completing tutorials to learn Photoshop, studying what makes for good logo design and collecting examples of inspirational logo designs like this one:

    You may be working with just logos for quite some time, but you should know that a logo is a very important piece of a larger entity, called the brand. The logo in fact as one (of many) single identities, to form the larger brand which consists of many other things like business cards, website, flyers, communicational guidelines between the company and clients/customers and various other things.

    Levi, to be fair, if I was designing a logo for $5 I would tell them where to go if they started asking for better kerning, multiple file types, concept development - or anything for that matter. I think I would literally close my eyes, pick some fonts and colours at random and that would be that!

    $5 is a ridiculously low amount to work for - but then there are clients out there who aren't interested in paying more; and what you'll find is that these clients are the most demanding, most arrogant and most frustrating people to work with - you might get lucky, once or twice, but I doubt it. You would be better off spending time developing your skills and understanding of good design, moving on to creating brands for fictitious companies - I guarantee that if you are any good at this, they will make for MUCH better portfolio pieces - as the client won't have a chance to ruin it by insisting you add a drop shadow, or luminous pink text over the main logo - or something else as ridiculous.

    You've made a good start! Let us know if there's anything you want help with :)
  4. gcol90

    gcol90 Junior Member

  5. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    If I had a potential or even existing client coming to me asking me to do a logo, even a type only one, for $5 I'd be telling them where to go, it's just not financially viable, I'd be paying out more to run the computer than the logo is paying.
  6. Steeph

    Steeph New Member

    I agree with everyone above... If you are looking for experience or just improve your technique, you should work on personal projects...

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