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Opinions on text design for this piece?

This is a header for a site I'm putting together for my own personal use, as well as for practice/experience. I like the design and colors the way they are, but not the text. I'm wondering if any of you fine people have any ideas as to what I could do with the "SAVAGE" part. At the moment I have the fill set to zero because I don't want to block too much of the design behind it, but I still want the text to be where it is because it's what everything else in the design is centered around. Any suggestions?

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mrp2049 said:
make it a lot simpler.

The font is also a bit too A-Team for my liking, I see where you are coming from with the grenades etc, but then the inclusion of the cars, make it look more gangster, than renegade. It just seems confused.

I would also seriously consider making the fill of the text solid. It's too busy with the background visible through the lettering.
I like it, but if I look at it for too long here comes the headache :( the guys are right, needs to be more simple and to me the text just seems slapped on, I don't feel it works too well with the rest of the design, perhaps try more of an overlay or even try drawing the text your self rather than using a generic font, it would give a more persona aspect to the design as you have already done with the rest of the image. Good work none the less!