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opinions on my site?

sorry to by blunt but it all looks a bit last minute. It looks like a basic template you can get anywhere on a free site. If you want to promote yourself you need to do some serious thinking about your branding first of all. Spend some time on your logo first, use the lemon and incorporate it possibly. Look into using a better colour theme, the current one is a bit drab and is what really makes the site look so basic and plain. The best thing you can do is look at the sites of other graphic design companies, get some inspiration and dont use the first idea that comes into your head.

As Jamie said get to know everyone here. You will probably find that as you get to know people here, you get inspired along the way and will most probably (as I did :() change your site a thousand times until you feel it's just right.

Good luck!


Senior Member
The site structure needs a bit more work IMO. It's definetly getting there from a front end point of view. Check your dimensions too, it looks a little random.
From a visual point of view: i'd start again.

Look at your coloumns, your text (the amount), remove prices, sort out the portfolio - just have a rethink

See what others do and do it better.

Blunt i know. But its late.

Agree with others, also on your portfolio page I believe its a jquery slider but I'm not sure how to navigate through slides? Maybe its because i'm using chrome?
Hi Newbie (and welcome to DF :))

Sorry, but for a Web Design company it looks very amateurish. You're selling Web Design, so your own site has to be extremely solid and reflect your skills in the field. There are too many things wrong with it, so going into details of what can be improved would be a waste of time. As Ross also mentioned I'd go back to the drawing board, sort out your branding, look around at some digital agency websites for some inspiration, and re-think the whole thing. And get rid of those prices! :)

It would maybe also be a good idea to ask for feedback during the design stage instead of after its been built and pushed live. Just to make life easier for yourself, and get the design pixel perfect before spending a lot of time developing the site.

Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps in some way!
Wow it's hard to add to what Soren has said lol.

But Google ads on your site is a no no. Plus one mistake I noticed was the amount of pages allowed in the advanced package, it just has 'Up to pages'. I haven't scanned much else on the site.

This post could be a wast of finger effort if you don't come back, but at least your site got a few more hits for the ads ;)
Definitely a no no on the ads. Save this for a client that is running an information only portal type site and needs to make some money through advertising, not for you. It's just bad manners.

Although your code is valid, try to clean up the extra a bit. Use line breaks as little as possible. You are using them in some places, such as the contact page, to provide a margin (top or bottom). Do this instead with CSS. And although it's valid and perfectly legit, get rid of the empty paragraphs. Again, use your CSS.

The design is clean, albeit very very very simple.

And not that i'm to judge, but come on man, have some pride in what you do, if this is really what you want to do with your life, don't sell packages. It's cheap, impersonal, and takes all the fun and uniqueness out of being freelance.

If a client wants cheap, be cheap, you get what you pay for, but don't sacrifice your pride and skill-set just to please cheap individuals. If it's not your very best work, don't do it. Don't sell yourself short. Packages are a way to make easy money, but aside from the money, it does nothing for you. Freelancing and design definitely isn't for those who want to make millions, it's for those who pride themselves in their skills and never settling for less than the best of themselves.

Keep up the good work, but remember, it has taken you years to gain the skills you have, so don't let it be taken advantage of, mostly by yourself.