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Opinions on Logo Please


Staff member
If you monotone your logo's you've basically got 3 designs (ignoring capital letters) that are the same. The paper clip is a little cliche in my opinion.


Senior Member
I'd agree with Levi, paper clip is a little cliched and its positioning isn't the best.

Have you considered working on the type, getting something clean and then adding the paper clip as an underline?
Looking back on the designs, i'd have to agree with the above comments. Thanks for pointing things out :) .. I've added an extra design, tried to get away from the paperclip idea. What do you think? I was thinking the strokes might be a bit too thick?
Where are you getting your inspiration from? Look, look and look again. Try not to focus to hard and the best ideas come when you least expect. The designs are very dated, have a look at what type styles are up and coming and try not to be too literal with your designs. I really don't like the serif font style, it doesn't work for this logo - i would stick to san serifs. How about trying some different colours maybe breaking the words up in colour, using similar pantone colours?