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Opinion on my new T-Shirt Design.


New Member
Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to present to you something I worked on recently and would like to get your honest opinion on if these t-shirts existed, would you buy one?

Now these do not exist but I want to know if this design A. catches the eyes and B. does the branding that I created work (The Designer Within).

Here is a product mock-up of the t-shirts, please give me your honest opinion stating Yes I would buy one, or No I wouldn't.

Thank you in advance :)


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Not for me.
I don't tend to buy bright, luminously coloured t-shirts. I'd feel like a walking highlighter pen.
I don't go for patterns and designs at the bottom of the t-shirts I do buy.
I feel like I'd look pretty pretentious wearing that slogan "The Designer Within"
I don't like slogans at the best of times.

My advice? Simplify everything. For example, I'd probably buy a dark grey V-Neck t-shirt with a white pencil icon on it. Or maybe I'd buy the blue one on holiday if it didn't have the slogan or the petals at the bottom.


Staff member
T-shirts aimed at designers on the theme of design tend to be pretty understated (almost minimalist) with immaculately kerned Helvetica on them.
There's a kind of paradox about Designers wearing t-shirts designed by someone else stating that "I'm a Designer".
Not really, I do not understand the point on doing the top bottom as leaves, designers love minimalism and abstractions, you should give a second thought.

A really good teacher once mentioned that the first idea you had was the same idea for a 100 people as well, so keep trying until you have something YOU like.


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May I know where you are going to sell them? Let me know if you need some idea on selling them. I know some sites which will list your design on their site and you will get commission if someone order your tshirt.


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I have been meaning to comment on this for a while, personally I wouldn't buy one and my first reaction is, they look a little gay. I actually asked my gay brother in-law if he would wear / buy one and he's reaction was same as mine, even he said they look a gay.

Less is more with t-shirt design, well unless your designing for runners as running attire is generally very flamboyant.


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Well thanks for the feedback guys, in my opinion saying that a designer prefers minimalist designs is strange since every single designer out there is different, I do both minimalist, "out-there", glossy, colourful stuff all the time and the list goes on, now these were never going to be sold, these were me messing about in photoshop with some mock ups.

but once again I do thank you for the feedback, I've done various designs since then for example.

These were for a business I was thinking of starting up but never did since I landed a job. You'll notice that these do follow the minimalist rule as you guys referred too.