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Opening PDF in Illy...

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This is something that has bugged me for some time. When clients give me PDF's asking me to change the text, I end up writing it all out again which is annoying. Is there a way of connecting all the text boxes up so I don't have to spend half my day writing T's & C's??

Hope this makes sense,



p.s. No, I can't get the original files...haha


well you could always edit the PDF itself if you have the full version of Acrobat? :)
solved. you can now close this tread if you like...

here is the answer is anyone else may be confused on how to do this...

It's called a 'rick'...Select all the text objects in one block (e.g. one column) and copy. Create a new text frame by dragging out out with the Type tool. Paste. Now position the frame over the existing type and resize the column width to get the correct line breaks. You will still need to format the text to get the correct leading and paragraph spacing. Some minor tweaks in line breaks may still be necessary.
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