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Only good ppl need view


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Hay ppl yes I am making a plea the national blood service desperately needs blood donors. Apart from current hospital supplies the English and Welsh stock levels are currently short in some areas.

  • AB negative stock is depleted,
  • B negative is almost gone,
  • AB positive is pretty low as well.
It only takes an hour and it will save a life, I'm booked in again for the 27th. But since the 2nd of January half of the English and Welsh blood supply that's in reserve has been depleted and if you are in an accident it could make the difference. Currently only 4% of ppl in the UK give blood so you will be unique and you will statistically live longer if you do it regularly.

So do something amazing and book an appointment!!!
Check out The National Blood Service and see where your nearest donation place is it doesn't hurt but take a book. Phones are manned 24/7 so you can even book an appointment now, I just did, did phone up asking for a blood transfusion so don't think I came off to well though. :D

Cheers ppl.


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I've just recently (month to two months ago) given blood for the first time :) tis a good thing and not at all an issue. All the free biscuits you can eat too :O


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Plus tea don't forget tea, hope your going back in 2 months fella. :)

That and it reduces your iron levels which means you get diagnosed with cancer earlier, when it's more treatable, and infections and bugs have less of a food source to multiply and thus allows your body to defeat them easier and quicker and the effects of strokes and heart attacks are also diminished of coarse. Hence why statistically people who give blood every 4 months live a lot longer than people who don't. :)

That and you do something for your fellow man blardy, blar, lol.


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Something I've done before, but been a while since as the last time I went to go, the local one was really really busy, thanks for the reminder Jaz will get back down and start donating again :)


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Yeah book a head, I just took 1 of the last 2 spaces for the one on the 27th near me. I think because of the snow ppl just haven't been able to go or haven't bothered hence the major decline in reserves since only the 2nd, bare in mind some ppl actually need monthly blood transfusions as well.

But sods law it'll only be me that needs it so dig deep ppl and get your appointment booked now Greg no excuses then. :D


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i dont eat properly so i doubt i'll ever be able to give blood, but still i'd never do it- my sister collapsed three times when she's tried it, and i hate needles!

(that was an incredibly sissy post!)


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I don't eat properly either Tim, it's really not an issue with most people. If you can muster the courage to get down there, it's definitely worth going. You're not your sister are you?


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You're not your sister are you?
From his post I would say he was. :p

Eating properly has nothing to do with it don't worry about it because of that.
You will still get excess iron from crap food that your body just can't remove as it even recycles it from dead blood cells, we get way too much in our diet be it healthy or not I mean how many products have with added iron on them and if you take a vit supplement as well you are all ready well over what you should be giving your body if it contains Iron which most do.

Some ppl by the time they are 40 can have up to 50,000 times the amount of Iron their body needs stored in special protein containers in the body. If you then have a heart attack or stroke, the blood basically gets backed up and when it goes again it hits the Iron in the protein rupturing it and it's that that determines how bad the attack is if it's fatal or not, I mean if you have 50,000 times as much as your body needs then well it's not going to pretty.

Same with asthma attacks and ppl having way too much Omega 6 in their system, as your body uses Omega 6 in muscle contractions, and thus can make asthma attacks a lot worse than they need to be. Again modern diets tend to have about 1:50 Omega 3:Omega 6 when it should be more like 1:2.

Giving blood is the best way to remove the iron from your body if your male, or female and over 40, and thus cuts the risk of iron related side effects. :)

Honestly dude they check your iron levels first to make sure your safe to do it then monitor you all the time and wont let you leave until they are happy you will be okay, which Renniks rightly says is not an issue with most ppl.

But I am with you totally dude I'm totally scared of needles to the point that I cant even watch them on TV on Holby, and I was like err huh, but don't look at it and you we be fine. The nurses are really reassuring so don't worry and just think how much of a longer life you will have if you do it regularly. :)


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I've donated twice in my life, once in high school, and once in college. I am not scared of needles and I have no issues like anemia or anything that might make my blood not usable. So I guess I really have no excuses! If you have not donated in a while, should one get their blood tested first?

Back when I did it in high school, they did say there was a stipulation that to donate you had to be over a certain weight so it would not potentially make you pass out or something. Think it was something over 120 or 130 pounds.


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I am not sure how it is in the US, but here they will test your iron straight away, and then if that's ok do the remaining tests else where. (It's the only one that can cause issues if they take your blood there and then and you don't have enough)

Essentially I never gave blood as I have a major fear of not being well. So ignore it when I'm slightly ill, don't contact doctors etc. if I'm a bit worse, and generally don't like being tested as I expect the worst. But so glad I've been and will continue to do so as often as possible


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In the US I think you can give blood every 2weeks UK every 4 months. Again in the UK you cant donate if you have been to certain countries in the last 6months, had piercings in the last 4months, ever had anal sex, or slept with any one who has ever had anal sex, that made me laugh, had sex with any one from certain countries, AIDs high risk, anaemic, pregnant, had a illness in the last few weeks, or suffer from certain diseases CV for example. Apart from that I think your okay in the UK anyway. In the US I'm pretty sure you get paid as well don't you? $45 (£28) I think.

UK we do it for free, and of coarse tea and biscuits, us Brits will do anything for tea. Well sod oil if we would go to war if our tea supply was in danger, lol, hence why our stocks a low over snowy periods. Don't think weights an issue in US, more an urban myth I could be wrong but not sure.

Contact your blood donation service or check out Blood Donation and Blood Donors in USA to find out. :)