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Online Printers..

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by Soprano, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Soprano

    Soprano Member

    Hey guys - not sure if I should be posting this thread incase it's been asked before, but I need to explain my question properly :icon_rolleyes:

    I'm looking to set up an e-store to sell prints, and will be looking to have each "item" printed before I list to sell. Moo was recommended to me and I have a few pieces that I can have printed to the postcard size, but there are some illustrations that I'll want printed larger or possibly onto canvas. Obviously on the assumption the sales go well I'll be printing more and bigger/onto different medias, but to begin with I'll only want to be printing small amounts of each piece of work - Moo offer 20 postcards and I can have 20 different images printed if I wished to - that's the sort of thing I'm looking for in a printer.

    I'm not sure this makes sense (I'm tired, probably should've waited until morning to post :icon_thumbdown: ) but if anyone can make sense of it - are there any suggestions of companies that could cater to what I'm after?

    Thanks in advance. :icon_smile:
  2. theposterprinter

    theposterprinter New Member

  3. wdltd

    wdltd Member

    Hi Soprano,

    If you are looking to get printing produced on a regular basis, which I presume you are as you are looking at setting up an e-store, then I would highly recommend using a locall printer. A local printer would be best as that way you can go in and introduce yourself, talk to the printers about what you are wanting and they will be able to work with you to achieve exactly what you are wanting.

    I'm sorry to all online printers out there but I would never use one as they are cheap for a reason. If you are only thinking about price then find an online printers as their prices can't be beaten by local printers, but if you are looking at building your business around printing then working with a local printers to get advice cannot be beaten.

    Most printers would be happy to give you a tour of the workshops and would walk you through the processes that would be undertaken on your projects.

    Good luck and I hope you find someone to work with.
  4. Soprano

    Soprano Member

    Great advice really, I might just give this a shot - thank you :)
  5. Printmaniac

    Printmaniac New Member

    We offer print partnerships, that might be an option for you but trust me it takes a long time to set it up so that you got enough customers and reach about 50k a year.

    I have set up several reseller sites so if you have any questions about it let me know. id be glad to give some advice

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