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Online editing image

Hey guys,

i wonder if you guys know some cool tools to edit online images?

Ofc free resources only? do you use some? what is you advise?

i was trying some like this:
1 - Free Online Image, Picture and Photo Editor
You´ve lots of image tools,shapes, image by web cam... but you can export only 400px VX 500 px. And if try to put the image larger you can´t edit your stuff there. no wider space to do that.

And if you know some software to make avatar from image would be awesome!!!

many thanks.
Already tryed the Splashup seems great... lovely sumo and aviary seems really nice as well... going to try them tomorow... thanks for the tips!!!

Need to search some for avatar maker or sort of that.. well but not searching that for today...tired as hell..
once more thanks for the tips!!!