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One Piece

Tom Sound

Active Member
can't beat getting home from work, getting into your desert camo onesie the hitting the couch wrapping up in a slanket, oh yeah... (nod)

I went to a fashion show last year that a friend was dancing in and 'onepiece' was one of the brands that had a catwalk section of about 10 minutes. Thought I could possibly wear one of these at home if I was 100% certain that no one would ever see me so I checked out the website after the show with my 10% off token at the ready....£120!! No chance.

Tom Sound

Active Member
Surely if it's a thread you can add to rather than a question which has been answered months ago it's ok Levi?

You want to try tk max as they had loads of cheap ones before chrimbo, animal ones with heads and tails, if that's what you're in to :)

Not you Levi, you're strictly shirt and v neck aren't you? ;)

Tom Sound

Active Member
Yes, maybe the thread is as out of fashion as adult baby grows will be shortly, especially at £120 a pop! Was thinking though on my drive home from work they should do onesies that look like normal clothes but all as a one piece. Jeans, tshirt hoodie all in one, suit shirt tie, would be really handy and mean you could get an extra 15 minutes on your morning alarm!



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Ban 'em and burn 'em. There was a bloke on the news doing push-ups while wearing a onesie over his suit a few weeks ago. Yup, the north-east is so peaceful we get news stories on the onesie phenomenon. I know a woman in her late 40s who owns a Tigger onesie. She is slightly mental and tigger-obsessed though.
I bought my girlfriend a 'budget' one of these for £60 and annoyingly she wears it every moment she's at home. When she starts wearing it outside it will mysteriously vanish.