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One of them Computer Nerds

Hi guys, 20 year old from Scotland here. I originally came here to post a tender request haha (as I'm sure many people do) but I definitely recognise an active forum when I see it and I would quite like to get involved. I'm one of them "IT Nerds", two years of a Computer Science degree so far and a year of working as a Helpdesk Analyst/Desktop Engineer for a major oil company in Scotland. My time there comes to an end in May, so looking to get into some serious web development stuff in my time between then and the start of my next term at Uni in September.

Main goal just now for the next two months or so is to go for some sort of Javascript qualification (any suggestions welcome) and start to have a look at some PHP. (already had experience with both, but Uni tends to make them seem much drier than they really are).

I'm currently working on getting my first site up and running, using Squarespace so I can really focus on putting the content out there, its something I'm passionate about and I don't want to spend too much of my time maintaining the site, there will be time for that later when I'm not working full time haha. Hopefully should have enough content built up to make the site live in 2-3 weeks.

Basically, I'm trying to get myself out there and exposed to as many aspects of web development as possible, and hopefully being around you guys will ensure I leave behind my horrible programmer's eye for design and make me a bit more rounded as a web developer. I'm sure you would all appreciate a qualified web programmer with a decent eye for design, so hopefully thats what I can become.

Peace out!