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On a Day's Outing...

Just this monday, I went to the Manchester Museum. It was ok...but didn't seem to be a lot there. Didn't help that I parked the wrong end of the road it's on and had to walk over a mile just to get there (I'm carrying a little extra weight at the moment and find walking hard as it is!) then the wandering around, then over a mile back to the car..... I was chuffin knackered when I got home!

I did take some photos while I was there. I will try and get some on my flickr page when I get the chance. Particularly the one of the T-rex skeleton.

The liverpool world museum was a good day out too..... seemed to have more there than manchester.

Hi helen - I do also hate when you park at the wrong end of the road! Hope you managed to enjoy a cool drink at the end of the walk :) What was the Liverpool Museum like? Ive always wanted to come to Liverpool.
I've got to say that I do love seeing real talent and the only place I find you can do that are at exhibitions which are held at Museums. Recently I went to see one of my favourite artist/architect at the London Design Museum - her Name: Zaha Hadid here is something for you to read on her : www.supercontemporary.co.uk/?s=zaha-hadid ... have you got any favourites?
When I visit a new place I always visit a museum or gallery. If its a place of interest mind you! I don't go to much Design exhibitions though, ironically!
Really - thats a shame. Any particular reason? I've got an idea - the Super Contemporary exhibition at the London Design Museum is really one to see and if you'd like I can sort some free tickets out for you Just Pm me your details but you will, however, need to do a real quick registration at Design Museum and Beefeater 24 present Super Contemporary - Its on until October so if you're not living in london and poping in sometime we can arrange a time for you. Just thought I would share that as a thank you - really feel part of the community.
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