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OMG Found out im a DAD!


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Today started like any other, got up, shower, shave and set off for work.
Work was like any other day too, dealing with life greatest, and most challenged Idiots.. but hey ho, this was nothing compared to what would happen when I return home this evening...

Let me Introduce........

Mr Kipling



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Well there has been talk of the like for the past few weeks but doing my best man thing, thinking logically that if i try to forget the subject, the subject will go away! :) I would be without responsibility! :) how wrong I was ...again! lol
Glen says....does he like F1?

Very cute....we have a dog (Alfie) a cat (Tosh) and Poppy and Pippin the house rabbits.
Here's Alfie....he'd like to play with Mr Kipling.:D



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I wanted to see a LOLcat with a Mr.Kipling quote, like 'Mr Kipling's exceedingly cute kittens have won the hearts of the country' ... see what I did there ;)


now thats waiting for a LOLcat caption of something like "I iz in your forumz altering ur postz" :lol: