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Hey Gals & Guys!

How we all doing this Thursday morning?

Anyway alot of you know me already but im Brett White a partner in Peekaboo Design.

We do websites, print and graphic design and even dabble in identity when we can.

Anyway I look forward to contributing as much as I can and having a good old chin wag when possible.

Brett :clap:


Active Member
Hi Brett,

Glad to see you here, thanks for joining!
Good to see another custom avatar :)

Hope you like what we've done with the place


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Thanks Brett, appreciate your support.
There's a few more things for me to finish up, but then there will be some serious promotion :D
Hi Brett, it's good to meet you :)

You are not very far away from us. If I stand on the cliff top at Bournemouth this beautiful morning I can't quite see around to Ryde but I can see the IOW very clearly.

All the best to you.



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hmm so is this going to develop into that Redbull advert where you are smoke signalling your love for each other......