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old as hell but makes me laugh...


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glenwheeler said:
the album is amazing lol! Burn me a copy!
seriously, he looks weird, but dam the guy makes music! I get the feeling they were pushing the (traditional) jew thing almost as a gimmick, if you look at his site (Matisyahu World - New Album LIGHT Now Available) there are very few pics of him on their looking like that. I tend to like musicians who have some form of religion in their lives (as opposed to out and out religious bands) as it gives them a very positive outlook on their lives and in their music.


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yeh that's why it's amusing, the fact that i wasn't expecting him to be so damn good. he's gotta sick flow!

I'm a massive Jah Cure fan when it comes o reggae tho :)

Tom Sound

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Shake of the dust...arise is a great album too, 'Chop em down' and 'King without a crown' are awesome tracks :up: not got his new one, might take a butchers :D