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Oh noo!

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by Syntax, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Syntax

    Syntax New Member

    Hi people!

    My name is Onno (pronounced like Oh no)
    i'm from Holland. i did a lot of (web) designing years ago, but somehow i got stuck in other interests and quit designing. Now i want to pick it up again and make some cool stuff.
    during my free time i'm organising a lot of Drum 'n Bass parties. as where it becomes very handy to design my own flyers/posters, and other stuff :D

    would really like to get in touch with new people and learn everything about graphic designing.

  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum. I bet you could have a lot of fun with people with a name like yours.
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  3. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    Hay Onno.

    Welcome to GDF.

    I am Scotty (pronounced "Scotty") ;)
    I've not had much fun with my name. :(
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  4. Wardy

    Wardy Well-Known Member

    Oh Yes! Welcome!
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  5. Syntax

    Syntax New Member

    thanks guys! :D

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