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Office management software

Just wondering if anyone else uses Daylite or Billings software for there freelancing/ small offices? Only recently found it and downloaded a free trial and it is pretty much going to change my whole process for storing clients details, work leads, estimating, quoting and tracking jobs.

Have given a mini review on my blog Russell Hall Design: Daylite & Billings but well worth checking their website for a fuller breakdown of all it's features Daylite 3 Productivity Suite: The Most Powerful Business Productivity Manager. If you've got notes on clients scattered around, random emails that you need to follow up one day and Excel spread sheets clients details etc it is a god send.
Hi Russell,

Looks like a good set of software!

As an alternative, if you were considering a web-based solution. Moobiz.com offers a similar range of functionality. And with being on-line it works great for both Mac and PC.

We built it to run our Web Design company and have now launched it as an online service.

I thought you made a good point in your article about the interoperability of different components, this is why we built Moobiz as a range of modules that can be used in combination so as to make moving from a cost proposal to an invoice and on to accounting seamless.

If you get the opportunity to take a look I'd love to know what you think of it!

Many thanks