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Offering your services to design agencies

Not been around these parts for a while, it's nice to be back. I'm looking for some advice about freelancing for design studios.

I have my own limited company (started as a studio but I've recently scaled things back to being a freelancer working from home under the same company name - anyway that's another story).

Up until now, I've always targeted my services towards individual, mostly non-design businesses. I'm thinking of changing my strategy and specifically targeting design studios who may want to hire a freelancer. I already have experience of freelancing for a small studio, and I'm pretty sure I want to do more of it if I can.

I'm looking for some opinions/advice about whether I'd do better as an individual approaching design studios with a personal portfolio site rather than a company based website (that looks like I'm one studio wanting to work with another)?

Currently I have a company website and I'm working on a new portfolio site (the domain currently diverts to my company's site).

It seems messy to me to be offering services to clients under a company name and selling myself to studios under my own name via a portfolio site, especially when everything goes through my company anyway. But if that's the way it has to be then I'll have to live with it.

Thanks for any advice, wisdom or tips.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Hi Mark,

I'd offer your services as a freelancer if indeeds that's what you are. Chances are you stand a better chance of getting some work too since most agencies probably already have a list if trusted suppliers. I'm freelancing somewhere at the minute that seem to have just a couple of agencies that handle work they can't do in-house (typically code/development). On the other hand they have freelancers in almost constantly to increase their manpower. There's no point in advertising your services as a studio if it's just you since they may be expecting a team.

Best bet is to target a few agencies you like the look of and try and get in touch with a creative director/art director directly since it's often them to who the say so on whether they need to get a freelancer in.
Thanks for the advice, I hadn't yet tried this approach with agencies so I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing (although it seemed like I was). I think having the other ex studio company and wanting to continue with that meant I wasn't really thinking outside the box about new ways to get work now I've got a few more years experience under my belt. Better crack on with that portfolio site ;)