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Off to Reading Festival...


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I'm off to Reading Festival tomorrow at 4am so won't be around on DF until late Monday/Tuesday, so if you see any spam report the post and I'm sure Soren will be on the case as soon as he can be :up:

Have a good Thurs/Fri/Bank Holiday weekend everyone!
Speak to you next week!!!



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Thanks Mark, BTW only just noticed your username is your surname backwards!
(I haven't been trying to work it out since you joined... honest!)


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Greg said:
I'm off to Reading Festival tomorrow at 4am so won't be around on DF until late Monday/Tuesday, Greg

Right lads...let's talk about Greg, maybe he might feel his ears burning all the way at Reading


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my train to work this morning was packed full of happy campers on their way to reading clogging up the entrances with their tents and wellington boots - bastards


Yeah... not real Hippies, real Hippies are the ones who you see at Amsterdam station all long matted hair and wrinkled as hell talking to a policeman in English and staring at the people who arrive :lol:


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No real hippies at least had a mission/purpose - granted they usually failed cos they were too busy smoking weed and discussing the inner workings of the universe. The "new" generations have no interest in peace or love, they just wanna get stonned and wear stupid clothes. At least have a reason...

I really like this song by the king blues - What if punk never happened - to me its very powerful.


They got long sleeve T-shirts and they never shower,
They still believe in flower power,
The hippy dream’s faded but they got nothing new,
So they wear flares and slippers and burn incense sticks too,
The kids would rather skate than go out and smash the state,
While their parents sit still and meditate,
Action’s at a low when people just don’t care,
They zoned out to their surroundings, the anger’s not there,
The King Blues - What If Punk Never Happened Lyrics