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November's Avatar Theme

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So following on from the 'Next Month's Avatar' thread.
We decided December will be festive muppets :D

Just need to make a decision on November now...


I think it will have to be food :) it might take me a while to find a pic of my favourite food though :p LOL

Thanks for setting up the Poll Greg :D
Typo said:
Best pop down to Greggs with the camera tomorrow then....
Typo said:
Wait a minute I'll get a piece of paper....


What's your order?
Actually i've got ham and pesto sarnies the morra linke, so two bottles of slightly warm diet coke out of the fridges that don't work please - about £67 for 2 i believe.

Also - why do Greggs sell bottles of pop that are hard as feck to open once you've had a greasy pasty?

Come on Greggorys - sell cans!
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