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Not dead, just escaped Hell.


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I'd just like to share with everyone (using a topic title befitting the recent trend) that yesterday was my last day at my mind-numbing, soul-crushing job in an office where stillness and silence must ever be maintained. I stuck it out for 14 months, and thats all I could take.

Now I'm in the market for any freelancing illustration any time of day or night. Well, apart from the 3 weeks I'll be spending in Turkey from the 11th. Which is nice. :clap:
Now the real work begins!


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I'd have stuck it out if it were, wac. It was an admin job I had to take after getting made redundant from the design company I used to work at with Typo. My portfolio's better and less christmassy these days tho so I think I'm in a slightly better position than I was then in terms of chasing illustration work.


hope things are working out well for you Jim :) I'm also now a fulltime freelancer..
sorry old thread and now your on holiday but good luck! I too am in one hell of a crap admin job, if I have to tell one more person to turn the computer off and on again I swear I'm going to throw one through the window. Luckily though after going through a recent interview process (from which I didnt get the job) they still really like me and want to give me a job in a few months so I too share the relief from the depressing reality of the crappy admin job!


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Haha Ben have you ever watched The I.T. Crowd? They answer the phone by asking that question!

Yeah still in Turkey. Dived off a boat into the Aegean Sea today.
haha yes! it was pretty funny the other day, had such a rough day at work and just so happened that I joked alot that day about how no matter how many times I tell people that I still end up telling them again. Later that night switching on to the I.T Crowd there they were doing the joke, love it. One thing I will do on my last day is take an old computer outside, along with a mallet of some sort and smash it to hell! oooo such a nice dream.


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I wish I worked anywhere with a proper IT department instead of outsourcing to numbskulls. Actually right now I don't work anywhere so I guess I'm my own IT department!