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Not a bad looking office

Love the look of that one Balders! Would do anything to work in a place like that!
I've always been a bit confused of some of the Google inspiration though.... :p


Staff member
Here's a place I worked at called the Electric Works in Sheffield.
...... and yes, you could opt to take the Helter Skelter rather than the lift.
Down of course.



Staff member
Quite a few Sean although you wouldn't get the stuffy suit types down there, or those afraid of heights like myself.
It used to be funny when you were stood chatting to someone in reception and someone would shoot out beside you giggling and slightly ruffled. :D

Sean Lee-Amies

I was just wondering about its practicality though, if you were carrying stuff it might not work so well. I guess not many people would have to carry stuff, haha. I don't like heights particularly, due to the massively increased risk of death involved, but I love slides :)


Senior Member
That slide is insane I would absolutely love that. Is see there's some sort of traffic light system at the top, is there some sort of sensor that records when someone finishes or is it just for show?