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Northerner down south

Hi all,

I'm Rob, of thisnorthernboy.co.uk. A freelance designer for the last 10 years on and off. Most of my experience is with clients in the retail sector - B&Q, Tesco, Superdrug and Directline, although recently I've become involved in some public sector and charity work.

Very much looking forward to meeting fellow designers on the forums and generally having a chat.


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Hey Rob,

Welcome to Design Forums, apologies for the late response on my part!! Sounds like you have some great experience behind you, looking forward to hearing more from you around the forums :)



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Welcome aboard, Northern Boy.

In a bitchy mood tonight so ...interesting home page, 'cept whippet, greyhound is running left, instead of right to left, taking the visual eye direction out of page frame.

Especially when you need the eye to stay in the visual eyeframe for the info at the bottom.

Schoolboy error.