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Norfolk UK?


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I'm guessing not Craig, I can't say as I remember of anyone mentioning Norfolk in any introduction threads...


Staff member
ok rather than starting a new hello thread I thought I'd post in here as I can answer the question with a yes (just the other side of King's Lynn for the interested parties) :)

What else can I say
- I'm male
- 29 yo
- 6 ft 4"
- brown hair
- blue eyes
- goatee with rest of face generally unshaved except for meetings
yes your typical male designer :)
- background in product design, now specialising more in the cad area (modelling rendering and animation) of that field, also do graphics and (very very basic) web as needed by clients.

- Got a website but seriously need to get some time spent on finishing the planned updates (which I may come in for opinions on later) as I now feel my site, which I thought was fine when I did it, isn't really fitting to my style etc anymore plus I've learnt more about seo which is never a bad thing :)

Favourite snack - pocky
Favourite tv/movie category - anime or japanese cinema, western stuff has just got so boring of late. Hobbies - photography