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Non designer here

Hello everyone, I'm Theophilus and I'm new to this site. I decided to join because of a few reasons, firstly I have had a slight interest in graphic design ever since dating one a few years back. I have tried to do some myself but I'm really bad at art. I'm hoping while I am here I will be able to learn from the pros, hopefully people will have patience with me as it takes me forever to get my head around some things. Also I have just registered my own record label and I know I will be needing some graphics done. I once made my own logo thing for myself many years ago on my old G4. I don't have the computer around me anymore so I can't access the original file to do some editing myself so I will think I should go for something new. I guess I can carry on about that in another more appropriate post somewhere. If you haven't guessed by now I can talk for England so I will stop now and say I hope to get to know some of you in here.