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No flash installed


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Hey hey,

If I have a flash banner on a site and the target audience may not have flash installed (e.g old people) rather than asking them to install flash is it possible to have a jpeg version of the banner display instead without anything popping up?

tank you


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Off the top of my head by attaching the flash in the html using swf object javascript will replace the content in a ID so like

<div id="flashcontent"> <img src="images/alternatebanner.png" alt=" " /> </div>

if flash is there it will replace what's in the div#flashcontent if its not installed your banner will remain (think i've got that right...)

swfobject - Project Hosting on Google Code

other than that there's always the <noscript> tag (only appears with js disabled)


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Hrrrm, that method I believe only works if javascript is disabled, that is, no javascript you see the html version, with javascript you see the flash movie or the request to install the plugin, (if the flash movie has been coded/developed correctly) if flash is not installed on the EU machine


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blueocto said:
Why not apply a background-image style to the div containing the flash, as a jpeg if they have Flasg disabled?
I think you'd still get the "lego brick" in front of it?

I'm pretty certain using swf object will do the jazz here! - if your having trouble let me know and like knock up an example.

EDIT: Geoff might be right if js is disabled, but I think that will be a very small no of visitors