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No. 73 Episode 1 'Anytime Anywhere' Part 2!! Art Video and Stunts!! Cardboard/sets!

Hi, all

Hope you are enjoying the new year!!

This video has become quite popular because of the funnyness, and the stunt, it's a cracker!!
an old lady is running about trying to hide from the Police! and gets tangled up with the No. 73 gang!!:icon_smile:

Am I missing something? I fell asleep after a minute watching…..
You have to keep watching!!!The best parts come in the middle and towards the end!

Where The Fur Snatcher crashes into Nadia, who is carrying all those shoe and dress boxes! The Fur Snatcher goers for a fall!!
The Fur Snatcher wants revenge so she follows the gang home and knocks on the No. 73 Door, Nadia screams as she is hit with a bag
that The Fur Snatcher has! The Fur Snatcher gives an almighty cackle!!

Poor old lady ends up on being front page news in the newspaper, as she has a habit of stealing valuable fur mink coats and tails!!
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