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Nintendo Wii

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Anybody got one? Was playing boxing, tennis and ten pin bowling at the weekend at a party. To be honest I was VERY impressed with how accurate the wireless remotes are, the console really is fantastic and great fun (especially after a few).

I was sceptical as being a ex-Xbox360 owner thought the Wii was a joke really just for kids, how wrong I was, great fun for the family and friends so will be looking to get one really soon.
Yeah, we "bought one for the kids" :icon_biggrin:

I love it.....especially bowling! But my arms always kill the day after.

Just bought the wii fit and rayman raving rabbids tv party. All good fun!
I was given one the Chrimbo before last. To be honest, it's a bit like the Mighty Boosh: Awesome the first time round, great when you have a few friends over who haven't experienced it before but gets old quickly. Definatley a social console. It doesn't help that it's taken 2 years for developers to start taking the console seriously, check out this years release list though; Madworld, The Conduit, House of the Dead Overkill all look great.

Nintendo are bringing out the Motion Plus adapter for the controller this year, it gives true 1:1 motion control, something that's not possible at the moment. I expect we'll see some really innovative and immersive games once that's released.

The Virtual Console is great. If I didn't have a thing for the boxart on older games (have a nice collection of '90's consoles going on) I'd have bought one myself just to play Ocarina of Time and Gunstar Heroes again.
I'm a PC gamer but my son has a Wii (he's 5).

I nearly had a heart attack when playing boxing with him. Its a great laugh when there are folk round the house for a party.

I got addicted to playing De Blob for a while.
Yeah i've got a wii, i think they are absolutely brilliant, agree with Pete these are a great social console.
Even got the grandparents on the sports game that was a laugh...
Can't begin to think what Nintendo and other console manufacturers will be coming up with next..!?
Wow, they've been that price for 2 years.

I got mine from Sainsburys and managed to reduce 2p off by getting a game with it too. Don't ask me how that makes sense, but it's true!
If your gonna get one... and your a bit 'boss hog' - then go for Wii Fit - it's awesome...training, fitness, and you can track your weight gain/loss...