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Nice to meet you guys!


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He isn't.. just clearly been a long day!?

Nice to meet you Timsby, welcome to DF & good to see another new member off the back of the Creattica link! So do you work for an agency in London? Sounds like you've found the right place, got a nice little community to bounce ideas around with here :)



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hahahahah funny dude! Morning to you as well Tim. I am currently freelancing with Aquent around london at different agencies. Started a year ago and man have I learnt so much! My website was featured on creattica yesterday and my wee lil server went bust!! lol 5000% increase in traffic... according to mint and google analytics :)


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flippin' heck that's awesome!! i did notice servers failing, duoh.com wouldnt even let you click the link before it told you it was too busy!

5000% increase would do me well, I have all of 3 visitors a week. Oh well, as long as I'm getting paid, right?

And just to carry on my earlier post about my greetings, you'll see over the next few encounters on the forums that I'm a pretty strange guy :D


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(Hi Tim & Tim, sorry about that double posting issue, let me know if it happens again! Probably just a temporary glitch)

Sounds like you've gained a lot of experience through your agency freelancing, sounds cool. Congrats on getting featured on Creaticca, let us know when your site is back up to take a look :)

Will keep you posted on traffic rises following DF's little mention on Creattica!