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Nice to Meet YA All

Hey Forumites,

I found this forum on google when I typed in web design forums XD (ahh the simple things...)

I looked at the some of the designs and I am hoping to self learn from here what makes design tick..

I curently work as a Junoir Designer in London and hope to learn many things in order to achieve that harmonious equilbruim in my work.

Strongest Points

XHTML/CSS - FLoated and Exact Layouts,
Flash - Able to create custom tweens and graphically edit files,
Actionscript not so good tho XP,
Photoshop - I would say Intermediate Level - officially qualified XD and able to manipulate photos profiecently

Working on:
-PHP an MySQL, Javascript, Full XML (only paritallly able to use)

Looking for a good forum to inhabit and learn/give from/to.

XD wow... Im liking the reply rate XD.. as for a fav avatar..I got one I did earlier XD.

I pride on my photomanipulation and graphic skills enough to love my work XD.

Howeve feel free to point out any suggestions.


Active Member
Hi JeD,

Welcome to DF, good to see you're being welcolmed to the forums! :)
So, I ask everyone this, do you have a portfolio of work online?

Ill be honest and say I DO have portfolio of work XD..please feel free to comment in my first website review - I could do with the help XD.

Jahan & Co - Chartered Management Accountants

Welcome to Pinecroft Pannal / Welcome to Highbury Corner (use same styles)

Just My Thoughts (currently in development)

I also have the task of redesigning for The Shampan Group - Est 1989 (I had to get somebody else on board to desing in the end tho T-T)

I say the be honest bit and say thatI dont lie the current desings I have done...they are lacking in a few area's but one can only get better XD (p.s my real name is in the meta tags XD)
..add onto that about 2 other projects and Im about complete - I have yet to build my own website...
Thanks..fyi Soren you have a VERY interesting portfolio. I love the Office Exhibition design - rigid yet it has enough freespace to look and feel comfortable. Rest assured I will be examining your success points XD.

Oh and FYI I wanted to add another site to my portfolio XD - still in progess

City Thrill

Ill admit it needs ALOT of work but I am still proud of it XD.


Senior Member
Sorry for the lateness, I know..Im fired..lol

Welcome to DF Jed. I already have seen you diving right into things which is great. I hope you enjoy time with us.