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Newspaper Ad for Window Company

I had a client whose company makes windows.
He told me he needed a creative and provocative advert designed for some newspaper advertising.
They turned this down in favour of some boring corporate looking ad.
So much for being provocative. Was our design too creative for an ad, you reckon ?



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A bright idea to post the exact same thread on any design forum you could find?

I agree with the reply you received on Digital Point Forums:
Hmm.. okay.. I was creative head of a small ad agency.. and what I see here is an idea.. not entirely finished and thought through.. first of all, if I were the company I wouldn't want to lose my corporate albeit boring image.. and I'm betting they aren't trying to sell the concept of windows.. they want to actually sell designer windows.. right?

No offense but if I were your client I'd turn you down too... nothing is original about the idea.. nothing stands out.. and what would the copy on the ad say? Sorry but everything is vague. How long have you been in this business?
I'm going to say they didnt like the comic Idea maybe?...or the cartoony type theme should I say? Did you ask the question of why they didnt pick yours at all?
Hmm, artwork is a bit, er below standard. I couldn't see a windows company go for that.
I think I saw similar artwork on the wall of the bog at my local.



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Sorry, That's not an ad, it's a self indulgent doodle. It's not even 'creative' or provocative.
Advertising is about SELLING and making people BUY things. It's not about being different.
Give me the boring corporate ad that makes the till rings anyday.
I would try and delete some of your links and posts to other sites as your shooting your reputation in the foot.